Recycling/Reusing Egg Shells for Snail/Slug Pest Control

Snails and slugs hate egg shells.  We have used crushed egg shells around our plants and the snails never came back. What a relief !! We’ve tried putting beer in a dish, sprinkling diatomaceous earth that have been highly recommended by experts. Both methods were very clumsy to use especially diatomaceous earth powders are so fine that are hazardous to children and animals when they accidentally breathe them.  We had to take our dog to emergency a few years ago when she accidentally ingested some snail baits. That accident had cost us over $1200 in the dog ICU…..  Save  the clean egg shells in a dry plastic bag and  crush them. Then spread the shells around the plant that are infested with lots of snails like Lily of the Niles, densely grown area that are moist and dark etc…. You will be free of snails and slugs in no time and will save a lot of money on expensive chemicals and recycle all your egg shells for free.

Crushed egg shells can also prevent snails from climbing up to your prized plants. We have used crushed egg shells around our tomato plants and Hydrangea plants and the snails never came back.


2 Responses

  1. What about using Sluggo for snails and slugs control ?It says it is not harmful to pets. I have used this for a no. of years and this product seems ok to use. But, we still have to hand-pick some from time to time.

    • I have never used Sluggo for snail but my philosophy is that if I can use something to save the environment and it is free, why not! Sluggo may well work as you have experience in using it. Let’s see if some other viewer have any suggestions. Thanks for your comment.

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