Hello Fellow Gardeners!

TheBudgetGardener.com was started out of our love of gardening. We’d like like to network with others who are as passionate as we are about gardening. Our goal is to do gardening with minimum use of chemicals and maximum use of organic materials around the house. I also compost my own garden waste, using humane ways to manage my garden pests.  We’d like to broaden our knowledge by sharing and exchanging information.

Happy Gardening!

H. & M. Lee
San Francisco Bay Area, CA


2 Responses

  1. Hi, congratulations !
    It is soon going to be tulip planting season. I always have this question in mind, it’s what kind of tulip bulbs can be left in the ground for the next year and what should be dug up ? I have planted some beautiful tulips with pink petals and green spines before but they lived for one year only. Obviously something was wrong. Some others did survive for a no. of years. Do you know ? Sorry, I have more questions than answers.

    • Hi:
      We have grown some lovely tulips before, the problem with us is that we always forgot to dig the bulbs out and saved them for the next season. By leaving the bulbs in ground till the next season, the bulbs will not be so good. Flowers will be smaller and not as healthy. We plan to plant some new ones this year and we will dig the bulbs out and let it dry and save them. Any suggestions from anyone? Some varieties of tulips will not die and are very hardy, I need to find out what species they are. Does anyone know?

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