Rat and Rodent Chaser – No More Running Pests

The Rat Chaser

This ultrasound unit I installed in my garage to drive out the rats, squirrels, or any rodents. I placed it there because I have rats running around and all over my ceilings. This powerful unit is very quiet and did the job. No more rats running around.


Propagation of Peruvian Lilies

The easiest way to propagate this lovely lily is to save the seeds of the dried flower pods after the blooms dried up. (1) pull off all dead dried stems. (2) crush the dried seed pods with your foot softly. (3) collect the big round brown seeds (4) dig a small 1″ deep hole in moist good soil and place a seed per hole in a cluster for best results. ( 5) transplant small growth that are 6″ tall to a sunny spot where you want a show of color. It is more difficult to transplant when the root tubers are formed.

Recycling/Reusing Egg Shells for Snail/Slug Pest Control

Snails and slugs hate egg shells.  We have used crushed egg shells around our plants and the snails never came back. What a relief !! We’ve tried putting beer in a dish, sprinkling diatomaceous earth that have been highly recommended by experts. Both methods were very clumsy to use especially diatomaceous earth powders are so fine that are hazardous to children and animals when they accidentally breathe them.  We had to take our dog to emergency a few years ago when she accidentally ingested some snail baits. That accident had cost us over $1200 in the dog ICU…..  Save  the clean egg shells in a dry plastic bag and  crush them. Then spread the shells around the plant that are infested with lots of snails like Lily of the Niles, densely grown area that are moist and dark etc…. You will be free of snails and slugs in no time and will save a lot of money on expensive chemicals and recycle all your egg shells for free.

Crushed egg shells can also prevent snails from climbing up to your prized plants. We have used crushed egg shells around our tomato plants and Hydrangea plants and the snails never came back.

African Daisies – a Great Groundcover

African daisy also known as freeway daisy because these daisies are planted along side the freeways. They are very hardy and no maintenance is required. They also require very little water. These daisies have a variety of colors and spread very fast – excellent for ground cover. They starts to bloom in early spring to mid summer. They are also very easy to transplant – simply remove a cluster from the ground and place it in water for a few days and then plant it on a sunny spot. Make sure you keep it moist for the first few days.

Ground cover

Azaleas can be a Wonderful Accent to Your Garden

I have grown to love  azaleas in my garden. The flowers are so beautiful to look at and so easy to take care of if you plant them in the right location. To save money, it is best to buy them small because they do grow very fast.  All they need is a well drained shady spot….. and give them some  left-over,  out-dated orange juice or apple juice….diluted half and half with water once in a while…  Now you do not need to discard any stale unwanted juice left over from visitors or kids. Feed your azaleas and all your acid loving plants ( carmelia, hydrangea) with them and they will give you lots of enjoyment in return. 

The Peruvian Lily

The Peruvian Lily is very hardy, easy to grow, easy to propagate.  Best cut flowers because it can stay fresh in your vase for a week or so…. It is a gardener’s dream flower because it requires very little maintenance, insect free ( except snails and slugs hide inside them) .  They bloom almost all year around but most vibrantly in spring time and early summer. In late summer after the blooms faded and flowers become seed pods. Be sure to plug all dead dried stems and crushed the seed pods and save all seeds for more plants in spring time.

The Peruvian Lily

Planting Tulip Bulbs

I just found out from another gardener that we should not remove the bulbs from the ground. The trick is to keep them moist after they have bloomed on the ground. If we left it dry, the bulbs will not be healthy. – Learn something new everyday!

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